Build Asset Protection into your Business Plan

A must read whether your in business already or just starting out!

     In “How to Start Your Own Small Business” author Scott Dion steps you  through the ABC”s from picking a name to State Registration and all the  considerations in between. 
     Whether you are starting up your first  business or have been in business for years you will find valuable  information on the things you should know as a business owner.
     Reading  your own Income Statements, Balance Sheets and other Financial  Statements will better equip you to intelligently converse with Bankers,  Accountants and Attorneys.
     Included are the advantages and disadvantages along with general tax principles for each small business type.  With the basics about Sole Proprietorship’s , Partnerships,  Corporations, LLC’s and even Trusts you will be equipped to make smart  choices about what’s right for you and your Asset Protection and Estate  Planning needs. 
A must have resource.  Also on Amazon’s Kindle.

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About the Author

Scott Dion

Scott Dion was born in Massachusetts and has been a business owner and entrepreneur since 1986. After apprenticing in Machining and eventually becoming owner of his own Machine Company he went on to schooling in Real Estate and Business Law.  After having been a Licensed Insurance Agent, Investment Broker and Commodity Trader he turned his interests to accounting and tax law which led to his partnering in the ownership of multiple businesses, and his invitation to the board of many others from Machining to Landscape, Construction, Employment Companies, Doctors Offices, Consulting Firms, and Trucking Companies. As a Business and Estate Planner specializing in Trusts Scott is more than qualified to offer his experience to the reader.