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How to Start your own small Business

In “How to Start Your Own Small Business” the author takes you from choosing a business name and getting it registered in the right places with the right agencies to looking like you have been in business for years. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the common business types including Sole Proprietorships, General & Limited Partnerships, LLC’s and Corporations. Also included some less common entities such as UBO’s, Trusts and Foundations. Before your done reading you will have the knowledge base and information for picking the entity or entities that best fit your business plans.

Every Business owner at some time or another needs to deal with a Banker, Accountant or Attorney. Having a basic understanding about the parts of a contract, how to read a Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet will better equip you to deal with and direct such professionals in your business affairs. Whether your just starting out in business or have owned one for years this book has ideas that will save you headaches, increase profits, and reduce taxes.

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What About Money

In “What About Money” the author answers the questions: What is Money? And What’s it for? Even if you think you know you may be surprised. Within its pages the author argues that today’s Debt Based Money System was designed purposely to milk the majority and enrich its designers. The People are kept on a treadmill unable to get off without the deterioration and eventual loss of all their property. Discover the design behind the seemingly chaotic economy and what you can do to get off the treadmill. Hear about a Wealth Based Money System that can bring prosperity to all.

Cut through all the complicated jargon usually spewed out by economists to explain economic conditions. Understand economic terms like appreciation, inflation, supply and demand in layman’s terms. By demonstrating the various methods used to place Money into circulation you will learn which methods are honest and which are dishonest. You will learn which one we are currently living under and what choices you have. If you have ever felt like your on a treadmill and would like to get off this book is for you!

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